Silver Based Alloys – Trimetals

Trimetals strips consist of two layers of silver brazing alloy clad onto a copper core and are very popular for brazing of carbides onto steel, especially large pieces.

The copper core of the strip absorbs and relieves the stresses caused by the difference in thermal expansion between carbide and base metal, thus helping to prevent cracking.

They are available in standard 1:2:1 ratio, other ratios being available upon request.

Code Composition % Melting Range
Density Download
  Ag Cu Zn Ni Mn °C g/cm³  
Ag49MnNi/1 TR 49 27,5 20,5 0,5 2,5 670-690 9,0 Download .pdf: Ag49MnNi-1 TR
Ag40Ni TR 40 30 28 2   670-780 8,9  

Download .pdf: Ag49MnNi-1 TR